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GlazChips™ Fire Glass FAQs


Does GlazChips™ require a special fireplace?

No. GlazChips™ Fire Glass is designed to be used in a vented solid fuel-burning fireplace equipped with a gas outlet.

Is the glass used to create GlazChips™ Fire Glass made from old glass?

No. GlazChips™ is new and unused glass, made specifically for this application. Our process makes sure that vibrancy, color, and reflectiveness is preserved through the tempering process.

It's just glass. Does this product heat?

Yes. the glass itself radiates heat and provides a constant flow. GlazChips™ Fire Glass produces more heat than typical gas logs. Initially there is nothing blocking the radiant heat produces by the flame and hot glass.

Does GlazChips™ Fire Glass ever burn or fade?

GlazChips™ Fire Glass tempering and attentive process ensures that the glass chips will not melt, degrade, or emit toxic fumes. GlazChips™ preserves its reflective and beautiful color characteristics.

What colors are available through GlazChips™ Fire Glass?

GlazChips™ offers : clear glass, arctic blue, azuria blue glass, blue glass, blue green glass, blue reflective, dark green glass, green glass, bronze glass, bronze reflective, green reflective, gray glass, black glass.

Is it heavily maintenance like ordinary log and rock fireplaces?

When using GlazChips™ there is no soot, dirt, or ashes. Even when not in use, your fireplace, fire pit, or landscape design will always look nice.

What is reflective glass?

Reflective glass can be used as an accent or highlight attribute with its mirror like characteristic. Its reflectiveness is crisp and beautiful when your fireplace or firepit is lit. It's mirror like qualities reflects the natural light in any indoor or outdoor setting. Witness its incredible sparkle even when its not in use.

How do I calculate how much fireglass I need for my fireplace?

Please follow these simple steps below along with a tape measure, calculator, pen and paper.

Step 1 : Measure (in inches) the width of your fireplace from left to right and take note of the measurement. If your fireplace is angled back, measure the middle width.

Step 2 : Measure (in inches) the depth of the fireplace, from the front to the back wall and take note of the measurement.

Step 3 : Use the calculator to multiply the width (inches) by depth (inches).

Step 4 : Multiply the total by 3 or 4 depending on how deep you want the glass to be.

Step 5 : Divide total by 19.

This final number represents how many pounds of fireglass you will need for your fireplace.

GlazChips™ recommends using approximately 70% in clear fire glass as a base and the remaining 30% in the colored or reflective fire glass you prefer. This is the most cost-efficient approach and will allow you to update your color at a minimal expense.

My fire pit is average in size. How much GlazChips™ would it require for my fire pit?

Please follow these simple steps below along with a tape measure, calculator, pen and paper.

Step 1 : Measure the opening width of your fire pit, take note of measurement.

Step 2 : Measure the depth of the fire pit. Measure from the front of the firebox to the back wall, take note of measurement. Get your calculator and multiply the width (inches) x depth (inches).

Step 3 : Multiply the total x 4

Step 4 : Total number represents how many lbs. of GlazChips™ Fire Glass will be required.

Do I have to mix colors?

No, some people just want one solid color ; GlazChips™ can accommodate any order of color or reflective glass.

Can the fire glass get dirty?

Yes. Like any household furnishing the glass can get dirty and dusty. If there is an obvious build up of dirt one can scoop out the glass and wash it with dish detergent followed by a thorough rinse.

Is the glass sharp?

No. Typically the glass is not sharp and can be handled with bare hands but gloves are recommended.

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